Why Digital Printing?

Digital printing has transformed the landscape and allows us to provide fast, high quality, short run printing at affordable prices. Digital printing eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for conventional offset printing. In addition, digital printing provides other benefits such as:

Quicker Turnaround Times
With no plates to create and no “make ready” time a digital job can be on press in minutes, not hours or days as is the case with an offset press.
Higher Quality
Yes, digital technology has evolved to the point where many people actually prefer the quality of digital printing over offset printing. Colors tend to be brighter and more intense as ink on a digital press is not absorbed (and dispersed) into the paper fibers.
Cost Effective for Small Runs
With digital printing, if you only need 100 copies of a document we only have to print 100 copies. With traditional offset printing the pressman will need to run hundreds of sheets through the press before the plates get inked up and start printing quality sheets. All the “make ready” is wasted paper that cost money and is certainly not environmentally green.
Variable Data
Since a digital press “writes” an electronic image for every image it prints, that image can contain variable data. As each copy of a document is printed it can be personalized with text or images.